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Mobile data traffic to see five-fold increase in Brazil

Mobile data traffic will see a five-fold boost within the next five years driven by the increasing number of smartphones grow as well as...

Brazil Is the Country to Watch for Mobile Payments

Many people in Brazil don t have bank accounts-but they do have smartphones. These qualities, in combination with favorable regulations, make the country likely to adopt mobile payments in a big way.

Source: www.americanbanker.com

Latin American Internet Audience Nears 310 Million

Latin America, as a region, is in the middle of the global pack when it comes to pretty much every metric of internet usage. In terms of total internet users, the region ranks third worldwide, with 309.5 million this year.

Source: www.emarketer.com

Middle Class Leads Mobile Internet Growth in Brazil

In Brazil, mobile phones are driving the rapid expansion of the internet user base, with over half of the population going online via their phone.

Source: www.emarketer.com

Mobile ad spend in Brazil 2014 | Statistic

This graph shows the mobile ad spend in Brazil from 2011 to 2018. The expenditures are projected to grow to over one billion U.S. dollars in 2018.

Source: www.statista.com

What Danes should know about the Brazilian Telecom Industry?

Introduction With more than 267 million mobile devices in Brazil connected Brazil is the fourth largest mobile market in the world. Mobile penetration has reached...

What Danes should know about the Ecommerce and Digital sector in...

"The Ontario Professors Pension Fund injected roughly 60 million USD in the online retailer Dafiti. Dafiti, accumulates a total of roughly 230 million USD...
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