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Australian super funds eye Latin American infrastructure

Stephen Anthony, chief economist of the Industry Super Association, told an audience of bankers and industry players from Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Peru that...

How will Smart Infrastructure help Brazil overcome the crisis?

 Brazil is going through a delicate phase in its political and economic development after a considerably long period of improvement and growth. A tight...

IBGE Brazilian Statistical and Geographic Instit : maps transportation infrastructure in...

Brazil Business Today is a news analysis and monitoring service for business leaders and global professionals worldwide who need up-to-the-minute information related to Brazil.

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Infrastructure must be priority for new Brazil government

INFRASTRUCTURE MUST BE PRIORITY FOR NEW BRAZIL GOVERNMENT - ALPINE FUNDS Brazil's currency and stock markets closed higher on Tuesday as bargain hunters step...

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BNDES Approves $164 Million in Loans for Wind Farms in Brazil

Brazil’s development bank approved 422.3 million reais ($164.4 million) in loans for two wind farms in the northeast region.

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Opportunity for wind power companies in Brazil

Brazilian Infrastructure: The Good, the Bad, and the Opportunity

By Political economist and Latin America-specialist Samuel George  *This post is an excerpt from an upcoming working paper entitled "Five Steps to Kickstart Brazil" coauthored with Cornelius Fleisc...

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Upsides,downsides and opportunities to invest in Brazil and infrastructure

Sao Paulo´s Governor authorizes R$ 2,8 Billion in funds for the...

Geraldo Alckmin the governor of the city of Sao Paulo has authorized the investment of R$2,8 Billion ( something around 6,8 Billion Dkk) for...
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