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Arab Gulf States to expand economic ties with commodity-rich Latin America

Arab Gulf states are taking steps to expand economic ties with Latin America, a major exporter of food and commodities, but a dearth of...

Brazil Forecasts Grain Harvest of 213.1 MMT

Brazil’s 2016/2017 grain harvest will reach 213.1 MMT (Million Metric Tons), an increase of 14.2%, the country’s grain agency CONAB said Thursday. Favorable weather conditions...

More international investment in Denmark

According to new figures from the National Bank, 2015 saw an increase in international investment in Denmark for the second year in a row. There...

Embraer and Marcopolo Lead Brazil Struggle to Sell to Iran

Brazilian companies such as Embraer SA and Marcopolo SA are scrambling to close multibillion-dollar deals to sell planes and buses to Iran, seeking to...

Brazilian blueberry market “spectacular”, says Chilean export nursery

Business may not be growing as quickly as in Peru, but a Chilean blueberry nursery is expanding in Brazil.

Source: www.freshfruitportal.com

Export blueerries to Brazil:)

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