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Carving Your Way Into Denmark: Think Outside of The Box

Have you ever heard of the term ‘social selling’? According to its practitioners, it’s a new way of selling that doesn’t need you to...

Integration In Denmark Is An Overrated Subject

Recently, a major Danish media vehicle hired a Syrian refugee as an intern and started a discussion about ‘How to make it in Denmark’....

Give Yourself a Chance

Hey there, Recently the Copenhagen post has invited me to write monthly a business column on their newspaper. You can read the article here, you...

Finding Success in Brazil: South African Entrepreneur Tells Her Story

Sometimes as an entrepreneur, you do not always have to start your business from scratch. Your path to entrepreneurship could be an expansion strategy for an existing company. If this is a path tha...

Source: awpnetwork.com

Young Portuguese-speaking entrepreneurs want to set up a confederation

Associations of young entrepreneurs of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) approved a proposal to create a confederation to foster business an

Source: www.macauhub.com.mo

Financial support up to 30.000€ for SME’s developing biobased innovations

International Investment and FDI guide for Invest in Brazil. Information for International and foreign Direct Investment FDI into Brazil.

Source: investinbrazil.biz

Brazil’s startups spiking U.S. investors’ interest

With Brazil’s commercial prospects rising in the eyes of investors around the globe, combined with an offering of great incentives for companies to grow and expand in Brazil, an event brings together ...

Source: ireport.cnn.com

Brazil and Brazilian innovations on the rise

5 Effective Tactics ( I Use) To Do Business in Brazil

The Founder and Facilitator of ‘The Business Bridge’; BIASSA, is me, Carlos Alexandre Alves Monteiro and I am based in Odense, Denmark. I am a...

Samba Queen Joins Dots Between Women and Startups

Bedy Yang is using her connections to forge an entrepreneurial culture in Brazil

Source: www.idgconnect.com

Cartier awards Brazilian female entrepreneur prodigy

Cartier has picked Brazilian tech entrepreneur whizz Bel Pesce as one of the winners at a competition aimed at identifying and fostering resourceful ideas...
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