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Brazil’s Leftists Absolutely Clobbered In Weekend Election

It was a terrible weekend for Brazil’s left wing political parties. The once ruling Workers’ Party was utterly clobbered on Sunday’s second round voting in...

Eduardo Cunha arrested over alleged corruption

The Brazilian politician who orchestrated the impeachment of the country’s first female president, Dilma Rousseff, has been arrested as part of a major corruption probe. Eduardo Cunha, the...

Brazil’s leftist workers’ party collapses in first national election since Impeachment

The Workers’ Party is now in control of fewer than half of the regional capitals it controlled in 2012, the party’s heyday, when former...

Market Might Like Brazil Again Thanks To New ‘Team Dilma’

Market sees Brazil GDP hitting 1.5% next year and 2% in 2016 if new economic team can deliver.

Source: www.forbes.com

Dilma working hard to gain trust again

Banker to be named Brazil finance minister

BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff will name banker Joaquim Levy as her new finance minister, three leading newspapers reported on Friday, signaling a shift toward more market-friendly...

Source: www.reuters.com

Great News!

Infrastructure must be priority for new Brazil government

INFRASTRUCTURE MUST BE PRIORITY FOR NEW BRAZIL GOVERNMENT - ALPINE FUNDS Brazil's currency and stock markets closed higher on Tuesday as bargain hunters step...

Source: www.youtube.com

Brazil’s Rousseff says to tackle inflation, cut spending: papers

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Newly re-elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said her government will step up the fight against high inflation and strengthen public accounts with budget cuts, local media...

Source: www.reuters.com

Elections highlight economic divisions in Brazil

The truck's presence seems wasted. In these parts of rural Maranhao, Dilma gets nearly 100% of the vote.The reason for that is simple. In...

Social media and the Brazilian elections

On October 26, Brazilians head to the polls to elect their next president. As campaigns enter the final days, candidates are going beyond the...
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