Sweden to host cold climate test centre

The Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) and the Energy Research Centre of The Netherlands (ECN) have signed a collaboration agreement to set up a cold climate test centre in Sweden.

'Cold temperatures and ice demand reliable, proven technology', RISE said. (Photo: Wind Power)


Together, the research groups will set up a new centre in northern Sweden for “full scale testing, research, verification and certification” of turbines and other wind technology designed for cold regions.

RISE said the test centre would be located “in a place with excellent conditions for testing wind turbines”. However, a specific location is yet to be determined.

The centre should be installed on a “plateau” according to RISE to minimise the turbulence on prototypes to be installed there.

Other specifications include an average temperature of below -10C with wind speeds averaging over 8m/s.

“Cold climate areas offer a great potential for wind power worldwide. However, cold temperatures and ice demand reliable, proven technology,” RISE said.

Cold Climate Test Centre (Photo: Wind Power)
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