SEB Concept School in Brazil signs partnership with Fun Academy in Finland
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SEB Group conducted extensive research focused on the most important trends and embarked on a benchmarking tour around the world, visiting schools and studying the most advanced educational systems.

Of the many inspiring experiences during this process, the approach of the Finnish educational system was the one that drew the most attention and led to the birth of an important partnership between the Brazilian SEB Group and Finnish Fun Academy.

“SEB is partnering with Fun Academy, an institution that represents the most innovative and efficient educational system in the world. This collaboration is a clear demonstration of our commitment to transform education in Brazil,” statesThamila Zaher, Executive Director of the SEB Group, Head of the Concept Schools.
“Fun Academy is a spinoff from Rovio Entertainment, the creators of Angry Birds – backed also by the University of Helsinki as a shareholder and partner. Learning while having fun is what we believe is the future of education. Neuroscience explains – and we see it in practice – that children learn more when they are engaged. And they are engaged when they play and have fun,” says Igor Burattini, a Brazilian who has been living in Finland for ten years and who is responsible for global partnerships in Fun Academy.

Technology also has a role in the future of education. Children are often seen as passive consumers of digital content when we should instead be helping them to understand how the digital world works and how they can become active participants, communicators, and creators instead of passive targets.
“Information is available everywhere, so there is no lack of information in the world. However, there is a lack of knowing how to apply and transfer knowledge, skills, and information. What are the 21st century skills we should be helping our children to master? Fun Academy promotes the essential skills of negotiation, creativity, entrepreneurship, problem solving, innovation, and communication,” adds Burattini.

The partnership between the SEB Group and Fun Academy has commenced with an immersion phase of Finnish teachers working in Brazil together with teachers from SEB in the two units of Escola Concept (Concept School) in Ribeirão Preto and Salvador.
“One of the key secrets behind Finnish high quality education is teacher training. We believe in working with teachers to co-create the future of education – a Fun Learning future,” says Sanna Lukander, Co-Founder and CEO of Fun Academy.

“I am so excited about this opportunity to work with a professional partner like SEB who shares the same passion and enthusiasm with our team to make Fun Learning a reality in the lives of the most important people of our future, the young children. We appreciate our partners who support and respect their teachers with a sustainable professional development path and provide them with the necessary aid and tools to support their pedagogy,” Sanna Lukander adds.
The next step is to create and implement Fun Academy Kindergarten programs in both Concept Schools in 2017. The program is based on the Fun Learning approach and classroom designs created to support the different learning strategies of young children.

High quality early years’ education lays a solid foundation for lifelong learning for the children identifying their learning strengths and strategies. The Fun Academy Kindergarten promotes a healthy balance in life with rest, play, work, healthy nutrition and physical exercise as a part of the everyday lives of our children. Our common aim is to grow with the children and safeguard their innate curiosity, creativity and innovative minds through an understanding of exploration and play as effective learning methods.

Fun Academy
Learning can be fun!
Fun Academy is a Finnish education company with a global mindset. The company works in the areas of early childhood education and digital solutions for the K12 level. Professional development of teachers is a core focus for the company as well as the Fun Learning approach that supports children to become lifelong learners through identifying their learning strengths and areas of interest or passion. Rovio Entertainment, the University of Helsinki and Polkuni Ltd are among the shareholders of Fun Academy.

SEB Group
The SEB Group has a history of more than 50 years in education. One of the largest educational groups in the country it plans to become the consolidator of the education market and intends to grow exponentially with the goal of reaching 100,000 students by 2020 through organic growth and via investment.
As a new addition to the broad SEB portfolio the Escola Concept (Concept School) places itself ahead of its time, anticipating the needs of the future education. The strength and credibility of the long history and the experienced staff work hand in hand with the innovative creators of the future. The goal is to expand the valuable findings and activities from the Concept Schools to all SEB schools. The SEB Group is an active accelerator in the education transformation of Brazil.

Carlos Monteiro is a Brazilian citizen, graduated in Business Administration by the Catholic University of São Paulo. He lives in Odense, Denmark with his Danish Wife, Cathrine, and their half Danish /Brazilian daughter Ines Marie. You are very welcome to be in contact him at any time.
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