I believe we are the creators of our own fate; thereby we have responsibility for our actions our future and ultimately for the results we achieve.

So hopefully what you will be to take away from here are some nuggets of some of the few things I’ve done to create opportunities for me.

A moment of productive idleness is worth gold! 

During a time of “productive laziness”, I decided to count how many messages I could find on my LinkedIn Inbox related to the question “How to find a job?” or along the lines of “Can you get me a job?”. So far I have come across 105.

Carlos, How did you get a job in Denmark?

The last gentleman who asked me this question is a highly qualified professional in the financial services/consulting industry in Holland. As we exchanged ideas over LinkedIn, he told me he had been applying for jobs in DK for nearly a year without any success. I cannot speak for any other country than DK, so I told him I would presume that finding a job in Holland would probably be just as challenging as finding a job in DK for any foreigner. He partially disagreed as his girlfriend from Denmark found a job in Holland quite quickly.

Putting a Community Together

Before moving to Denmark, all I knew FOR SURE was one thing. From the moment I would step into this country, it would be quite challenging to find a job.

Enters Denmarkbrazil.com ( A blog I created before moving here)

As time went on, I kept on creating content. I also began to study more about digital marketing. What I learned from this time is that when you create content, people will check it. If it resonates with them, they will “like and eventually share it.”

Creating Denmarkbrazil.com not only allowed me to share knowledge on business in Brazil but it also gathered a community of people interested in the Brazilian and the Danish market.

*Nugget 1 Like-minded people = Higher chances of creating business opportunities

“See Me, Like Me, Trust Me, Hire Me”- Simon Gray

I am a big believer and a huge advocate of a sales development “modality” known as Social Selling. In fact, there is much hype in regards to Social Selling nowadays, and I believe that part of it is due to all the publicity LinkedIn has been pulling out.

According to Tim Hughes, a Social Selling expert that I follow, (whom I suggest you follow too), organizations are changing the way they do business. Hughes points out in his book “Social Selling – Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers”  “Companies are now seeking out and rewarding change makers into the organizations that can go out and find ideas, products or services in the greater world that can be brought into the benefit of the business…All this means that most of the buying process is done even before the sales person gets involved with the opportunity”.

Now let’s translate Hughes statement for any company owner ( consultant, startup founders, you name it) looking to validate their ideas and most importantly: Sell their product or service.

The interaction between the readers of my articles and myself initiated conversations. If someone liked an article on LinkedIn, I’d take that as a permission to begin a relationship. I would then send a customized connection request thanking them for liking my article and asking for a feedback and what other topics they’d like to hear about.

Initiating Conversations is without a doubt vital for revenue creation ( or finding jobs). Simon Gray says that to find an opportunity, especially in the so-called ” hidden market” people need to see you, create some sort of empathy with you and then they will hire you. The most efficient way to start conversations for me has been through social media.

*Nugget 2 Producing Content, Connecting With People & Being Active On Social will help you start conversations

Still not convinced? So take a good (hard) look at the example below:

The first deal I landed in Denmark was because of a former CEO and founder of one of the most traditional Danish companies, let’s call it “Gold Mine A/S,” had been reading and following some of my articles.

He referred me, without knowing me personally (and without my acknowledgment) to another Danish company that he was sitting on the board.

Later the CEO and the Business development manager explained me that they heard from one of the board members (the CEO and founder of GoldMine A/S) that a Brazilian guy was generating some interesting content on business in Brazil.

Insight: #: Never underestimate the power of valuable content. People read and value it.

Another example of how content can drive conversations and revenue as a consequence of it, is this one: http://bit.ly/2eOulgP.

This article had good engagement, and it brought me two great meetings and from one the meetings one client.

But wait! One client, because of one article?

#Nugget 3: Find out what your audience would like to read about and produce content from your own angle. You will crush it! But hey, be original, be yourself ok?

Social Selling & Buying Influence

One recent report from IDC from 2015 shows that social buying is directly correlated with buying influence. Further, research from Forbes indicates that 78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers. Another study on Hubspot showed that only 1 in 4 sales people understand and know how to use social media to sell.

Influencing buyers. Social Selling. What the ¤#Q¤%#3 are you talking about Carlos?

All the experience I have acquired generating content, interacting with other professionals, initiating conversations, sharing content has helped me to build a foundation and a good understanding on some of the mechanisms of community building and influence creation. Plus, it helped me to build a “personal brand”

The importance of building a community is vital for sales enablement and development. By building a community, you will find like-minded people, share experiences, exchange ideas and eventually be able to earn money as well.

# Nugget 4: Building a personal brand makes the conversation much lighter. People will know more about you than you imagine, and they will be curious!

To Sum Up

Build a Community:

In most markets, there will be competition. So why not stand out from the crowd? Why not build a community around yourself on a subject you believe you are good at? Why not add value to your community by creating authentic content and engaging, connecting and starting conversations?

Create Content

Educate people. Share your thoughts and ideas. Most importantly, add value to whoever is going to consume what you are producing or sharing. An excellent way to build compelling content is by interviewing, for example, other professionals that are authorities in their fields.


Connect with people. Go to offline events. Establish your presence online, so you can create an “excuse” to connect.

To close it out

If you’re not selling socially, you may not be able to find a job in Denmark. I built a blog and a brand around marketing on LinkedIn, and while I don’t have a job, I have something better – my own business.

Creating a community around the subject # business between Denmark & Brazil was “the real deal”for me. Then nurturing this community with interesting content that they were interested in was what really made the difference.

If you do some of the things I suggested I cannot guarantee you will find a job, but I can guarantee you will start getting noticed.

Believe me; it’s worth a try.

Carlos Monteiro is a Brazilian citizen, graduated in Business Administration by the Catholic University of São Paulo. He lives in Odense, Denmark with his Danish Wife, Cathrine, and their half Danish /Brazilian daughter Ines Marie. You are very welcome to be in contact him at any time.
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