Iliteracy in Brazil


The iliteracy rate in Brazil stopped dropping after a 15 years period of declíne, for the population from 15 years old or more. According to PNAD, the national household survey, Brazil was not registering iliteracy since 1997.

Iliteracy according IBGE

Iliteracy i Brasilien

The Brazilian geography institute (IBGE) considers a person literate if one knows how to read or write a “simple note”.

In the survey- which, until 2003, excluded 4,1 million rural residents from the northern part of Brazil, the index of iliterate individuals was in the order of 8,5% This number is 0,1% in relation to the year of 2012.

Iliteracy per region

Iliteracy in brazil

If the rural areas were considered, the iliteracy rate in Brazil would have been in the order of 8,7% The index represents a total of 13,2 million people. This number is higher, for instance, than the population of the city of São Paulo ( 11, 3 million people)

The North and Mid-west regions were the only regions that registered growth on the iliteracy rate. The south region, on the other hand, is the region with the lower iliteracy rate (4,4%)

Iliteracy and age in Brazil

According to the manager of PNAD, Maria Lúcia Vieira, iliteracy in Brazil has a specific adress. Iliteracy is majoritly concentrad in the elderly population in Brazil.

Those between 15 and 19 years old the index was of (1,2%),

Those between 20 and 24 (1,6%),

Those between 25 and 29;(2,8%)

Those between 30 and 39 years (5,1%),

Those between 40 and 59 years (9,8%)

Those above 60 (24,4%)

Functional Iliteracy in Brazil

The functional iliteracy rate, on the other hand, has dropped from 20,4% to 18.3% from 2011 to 2012. This index is represented by the proportion of people at the age of 15 years old or more with at least 4 years of study or less in relation to the total amount of people at the same age.

In 2012 the Brazilian geography and estatistics institute has registered a gran total of 27,8 million functional iliterate people in Brazil. The North and Northeast regions are the regions with the highest levels of functional iliterate people. In relation to 2011 the North region saw a drop of 3,4% in its functional iliteracy rate.

For the Southeast,South and Midwest regions the index of functional iliteracy was in the order of 13,2%, 13,7% and 16,5%, respectively .

Education Level

Kids and adolescents ranging from 6 till 14 years of age was of 98,2% in 2012. The same percentage was registered in 2011.

For the population ranging from 15 till 17 years of age , Pnad recorded that 84,2% of youngsters go to school.

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