Ecuador is in the process of establishing its long term Energy Policy with the objective of having a functional energy matrix for the requirements of the production matrix of the country in order to boost the creation of new development clusters, the substitution of imports, technology transfer, increase of export, innovation and the creation of new quality working places for the next 25 years.

In October 2016, the government of Ecuador published the National Energy Agenda 2016-2040, a public policy document which objectives are the consensus about the current situation in the industry and the elaboration of future development scenarios for the sector and the way each of them will evolve. This information will be the base for the construction of the Energy Policy.


The official document mentions that in the future Ecuador could have one of the most competitive and clean power generation matrix, generating more than 90% through renewable sources.

Up to now, Ecuador does not have any geothermal MW of electricity online and the geothermal potential is estimated in 1.000 MW.

In the National Energy Agenda 2016-2040, geothermal energy will play a role in the objective 2.1, which refers to the consolidation a more renewable and efficient energy matrix besides the diversification of the power generation matrix in renewable and non-conventional energy sources.

The document can be download here (pdf).

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