The Brazilian healthcare market is growing. The market is attracting major IT vendors due to both market growth and convergent opportunities.
The Brazilian healthcare market is driven by the high prevalence of chronic diseases, the increase of public and household expenditures, and the development/adoption of technologies.
There have been several merger and acquisitions (M&As) in Brazilian healthcare market as well as consolidation of key market participants. As a result of these changing dynamics, healthcare institutions are pursuing process efficiency and improvements in the workflow in order to deal with the increasing demand for healthcare services, while also raising services quality and improved financial results. Technologies are key to helping healthcare institutions meet goals.
Emerging IT trends, such as mobility, cloud computing, and Big Data, have the potential to change some dynamics of Brazilian healthcare.
The middle class grew quickly over the last few years, The growth of the middle class is increasing the demand for elective procedures and for healthcare insurance plan services.
Brazil´s aging population and population of individuals with chronic diseases are on the rise. It is expected to be the 4th country in the world in terms of diabetic population by 2020. Both the elderly and individuals with chronic diseases will increase the demand for preventive medicine and also for remote monitoring technologies.
There are market opportunities and high market growth rates aligned to the increasing competition in the healthcare industry, which have been driving several M&As. Foreign healthcare companies are acquiring local companies in order to provide the market with solutions based on specific needs; meanwhile, local mid-size companies are merging operations in order to increase competitiveness. Some IT vendors and telecom operators are also targeting the healthcare market.


Carlos Monteiro is a Brazilian citizen, graduated in Business Administration by the Catholic University of São Paulo. He lives in Odense, Denmark with his Danish Wife, Cathrine, and their half Danish /Brazilian daughter Ines Marie. You are very welcome to be in contact him at any time.
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