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Brazilian telecoms regulator Anatel named board member Rodrigo Zerbone to lead Gired, the task force that will be in charge of overseeing the digitalization of TV, the watchdog said on its website.

With the appointment, Gired finally starts to take shape, although much of how it is going to work remains undefined.

The unit’s creation was laid out in the terms of the 700MHz spectrum auction for 4G LTE, held in September by Anatel.

Currently, 700MHz bands are occupied by analog TV. They will be emptied as broadcasters digitalize their TV transmissions, migrating to other frequencies, and shut down their analog signal.

Brazil’s analog TV switch-off process will take place gradually, city-by-city, over three years ending in 2018. Mobile operators with 700MHz licenses will only be able to use the frequency one year after the spectrum becomes free.

This 12-month “maturity” period was established by Anatel in order to avoid interference between the services. But other measures to mitigate interference, such as the installation of filters, will also be required and Gired is responsible for overseeing those too.

All related costs, initially estimated at 3.6bn reais (US$1.44bn), will have to be foot by auction winners.

Gired will be formed by officials from Anatel, communications ministry Minicom, representatives of the three 700MHz tender winners and officials from organizations representing broadcasters.

It should be set up 15 days after the publication of the terms making official the 700MHz spectrum concessions.


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