The World Cup according to Blatter,Roussef and the Brazilian population


During the first week of January the President of Fifa, Joseph Blatter, in reference to the World Cup works in Brazil, affirmed to a Swiss newspaper that “Brazil is the country with most delays, and is the country that had more time- 7 years- to prepare the event.

Roussef, after seing his statement, quickly responded via Twitter that “Brazilians start out 2014 confident that they are going to host the best World Cup ever”. Both affirmations are truthful, though Blatters affirmation is probably the most distant, in relation to what is going to happen during the World Cup.


In the opinion of the Brazilian sociologist, Alberto Carlos Almeida, Blatters statements won’t bring any direct impact or contributions for the implementation of the works that are still happening. Stadiums and infrastructure works are complex projects. Public criticisms, in the opinion of Alberto aren’t what makes this sort of project move faster.

Alberto Carlos Almeida argues that, if Blatter is doing these criticisms to make the projects move faster, his voice is useless. On the other hand, if Blatteris trying to manage how Brazilians feel in relation to the event and all challenges that are happening, his voice and statements are also useless as it has been proved that the majority of Brazilians do not believe that the World Cup will be a success.

What the Surveys are saying then…

According to Alberto, national surveys are being done month after month by “Instituto Analise”, and these surveys are monitoring what Brazilians think about the World Cup. Alberto points out that,   72% of the Brazilian population interiewed, believe that the traffic jams will be terrible and the host cities are going to stop completely, when Brazil plays.

22%, on the otherhand  are more optmistic and believe there will be no traffic jams and everything will run smoothly.

The negative expectations go way beyond when the subject is lodging. 50% of Brazilians believe foreign tourists and local visitors won’t have were to stay, because there will be no hotel rooms enough to handle the demmand, and a minority of 37%, believe that there will be rooms enough, because visitors will be staying at local people homes.

In relation to air transportation, Brazilians are also skeptical and 53% believe that there will be no sufficient flights because all airports will be overloaded, and only 35% believe that there will be enough flights because the airports will be operating during the night.

Antonio, in my opinion, was brilliant to point out that Blatters voice is useless. The Brazilian population as the World could see back in June of 2013, is dissatisfied with the event.

Antonio believes that the population is being over pessimistic and in some cases ignorant, in relation to what is in fact, going to happen. He proves his argument using numbers and statistics probabilities. As an example he mention two of the major dates where most of the cities in Brazil go “out of control”. These dates are during New Years Eve and Carnival. During  these dates there is a massive “natural movement” that happens in three important host cities, ( Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife). The number of turists these cities have during Carnival and New Years Eve is and always will be superior than the number of tourists coming to the World Cup.

In fact, at this very moment Brazil is living a post New Years Eve period, and is soon approaching Carnival, which will happen by the beggining of March. So far there were no no news regarding traffic jams, lack of hotels and not enough room in flights for tourists.

He points out,that the media leads people to have a skewed view of things, misguiding opinions and creating a chaotic scenario that is not noticed during Carnival or New Years Eve.When Brazil plays, things will stop temporarily, but aside from it, everything will run smoothly.

Another interesting topic of his research.What Brazilians think of the conditions imposed by Fifa?

48% of Brazilians believe that the government should not accept all rules imposed by Fifa to host the World Cup.

Only 26% believe that the government should accept and comply with all Fifa’s regulations and requirements. This means that if the governments wants to impose its condition to host the World Cup, they would have the support of the electorate.

He finishes the article saying that te people believes that the stadiuns that are being built surrounding the host cities are going to bring economic benefits for the local poulation. Honestly, I think Mr. Antonio in this case, is wrong.

Please watch this video of Carla Dauden in case you still haven’t watched, so you can understand how many Brazilians are feeling in relation the World Cup.



  • Brazilians are not satisfied about the World Cup.
  • Loads of money have been invested on this event, and several exceptions in the Brazilian constitution are being conceived, just because we are hosting the World Cup
  • Yes, I do not support the World Cup. The World cup isn’t an event for the people, but for sponsors.
  • Blatter in my opinion should contribute by being quiet.He seems one of those whiners, always complaining and talking at the back of someone.There is not much to do at this point in time if works are delayed.  Blatter, be quiet, wait and see. If there are faults, Brazil will have to pay for it, and period. And we Brazilians are extremely hypocrites sometimes. When Brazil won the Bid everyone was happy. Now, because  obviously the government is using tons and tons of public money to build up the stadiums Brazilians want to complain. Doesn’t make any sense. We shoud have stopped the World Cup, four years ago. Now it is time to accept the facts and contribute as best as we can for the good development of the activities.

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Carlos Monteiro is a Brazilian citizen, graduated in Business Administration by the Catholic University of São Paulo. He lives in Odense, Denmark with his Danish Wife, Cathrine, and their half Danish /Brazilian daughter Ines Marie. You are very welcome to be in contact him at any time.
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