The foreign tourists expenditure in Brazil in 2014


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  • Why the majority of tourists will be visiting Brazil and their expected expenditure
  • How much money is forecasted that foreign tourists spend in Brazil in 2014

 The foreign tourists expenditure( expected) in Brazil in 2014

The majority of tourists visiting Brazil this year will be arriving given the World Cup, or as known in Denmark the VM. The Brazilian Tourism Institute (Embratur) estimates that these tourists might add up 38,5% more resources in the Brazilian economy if compared to last year. Foreign tourists in Brazil, spent something around US$ 6,64 Billion in 2013,making the conversion this value represents something around R$15,5 Billion. Embratur still added that it is expected some 7 million foreign tourists coming to Brazil, what will be a new record, in relation to 2013.

 What is still needed according to the Brazilian Tourism Insitute President

The President of Embratur, Mr. Flavio Dino, emphasizes the need for investments in airport infrastructure and education, meaning to educate all the people which are going to be in touch with foreing tourists all the time.

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