How Brazil’s election will impact the world economy – YouTube

How will Brazil's elections impact the global economy? AEI Visiting Fellow Roger Noriega explains what's at stake in the Brazilian elections, the candidates ...


This is from an North American point of view, but it is worth watching if you intend or are already doing business in Brazil

Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg has called for greater control over Denmark's borders

MP blasts ‘soft-touch’ migrant policy as Denmark struggles with 31 ghettos

Denmark has attempted to throttle the culture of unemployment and criminality for 30 years, however a shocking report by the Kraks Fund for Urban Research has revealed the situation has only worsened. When the deprived neighbourhoods emerged...

Police Union will have a new vote on Europol

Denmark seems to drop out of the Europol, and therefore there must be new poll, says Claus Oxfeldt. It will be a disaster for Denmark, if we do not continue going to have a full-fledged...

In Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, a new online tool tackles violence against women and...

UN-Habitat studies show that women in urban areas are twice as likely as men to suffer some form of violence, especially in developing countries. [1]


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Eduardo Cunha arrested

Eduardo Cunha arrested over alleged corruption

The Brazilian politician who orchestrated the impeachment of the country’s first female president, Dilma Rousseff, has been arrested as part of a major corruption probe. Eduardo Cunha, the former speaker of Brazil's lower house, is accused of corruption,...
Brazil's President Michel Temer reacts during a meeting with political leaders at Planalto Palace in Brasilia, Brazil December 5, 2016. REUTERS/Adriano Machado

New leak implicates Brazil’s President in Petrobras scandal

Brazil's President Michel Temer received more than US$3 million from the country's largest construction company Odebrecht, which has been found guilty of paying politicians in exchange for multimillion dollar contracts, according to Brazil's Veja magazine. The...
Dilma Rousseff election campaign

Elections highlight economic divisions in Brazil

The truck's presence seems wasted. In these parts of rural Maranhao, Dilma gets nearly 100% of the vote.The reason for that is simple. In Belagua, 83% of people receive what is known as the...
An adviser to President Michel Temer resigned Wednesday amid media reports he accepted illegal payments from construction company Odebrecht.

Brazil Presidential Adviser Resigns Amid Reports of Corruption

An adviser to Brazilian President Michel Temer resigned Wednesday amid media reports he accepted illegal payments from construction company Odebrecht SA, another blow to the embattled chief executive as he works to push unpopular economic reforms through Congress. José...
President elect Donald Trump points towards his vice president Mike Pence.

Denmark tentative following Trump triumph

Following the news this morning that Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States, a blurry-eyed Denmark is coming to terms with the historic vote. Considering that just 5 percent of Danes...
Bashar al-Assad speaks to TV2.

Assad accuses Denmark of blindly following the United States

Denmark follows blindly the US in its policy towards Syria. Such is the accusation of Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, in an interview with TV2. Because all of Europe follows the United States, European countries have been...
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