Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Pirate Party founder

Iceland could be soon be governed by Pirate Party

The Pirate Party has come third in Iceland’s general election, but no single party or coalition has won the overall majority necessary to form a government. Tense negotiations are now expected after the political group, which was founded...
Brazil's President Michel Temer talks to the journalists during an impromptu news conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, April 4, 2017. REUTERS/Nacho Doce

Brazil court delays ruling in case that could unseat President Temer

Brazil's top electoral court on Tuesday decided to hear new witnesses in an illegal campaign financing case that could remove President Michel Temer from office, delaying any verdict in the trial until at least...
Congresso Nacional, Brazil's lower house of Congress in action.

Brazil lawmakers water down fiscal austerity deal with states

Brazil's lower house of Congress on Tuesday removed many of the fiscal austerity commitments that cash-strapped states had agreed to in exchange for debt relief, once again derailing government efforts to enforce fiscal discipline...
Anti - Donald Trump campaign in Copenhagen

Danish anti-Trump campaigns target American voters

On Wednesday, at least one of the 1-A buses in the Danish capital was wrapped in an advertisement from the Socialist People’s Party (SF) reading ‘Americans Abroad: Vote’. Just who SF wants the Americans...

EU offers Denmark partial Europol deal amid terror warnings

Brussels' offer to the Nato member state comes after Europol on December 2nd warned Islamic State group militants could be on European soil, evolving their tactics to attack soft targets and using deadly car...
Danish soldier

Denmark to pull out from anti-ISIS operation

Denmark said on Friday that it will pull out its seven F-16 jet fighter bombers and its drones from the US-led multinational air campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. “We are pulling our airplanes...
Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg has called for greater control over Denmark's borders

MP blasts ‘soft-touch’ migrant policy as Denmark struggles with 31 ghettos

Denmark has attempted to throttle the culture of unemployment and criminality for 30 years, however a shocking report by the Kraks Fund for Urban Research has revealed the situation has only worsened. When the deprived neighbourhoods emerged...
Police vest in Denmark

Denmark reaches police co-operation deal with EU

Denmark will be allowed de facto access to Europol after Danish voters opposed plans to remain part of the EU’s police co-operation agency in a compromise that may have implications for the UK’s upcoming negotiations on Brexit. Under...
President Michel Temer at the United Nations.

President Temer inflates number of refugees received by Brazil at the UN

In his first speech to the United Nations (UN), on Monday 19, President Michel Temer inflated the number of refugees accepted by Brazil, to include 85,000 Haitians received after 2010. The international convention on...
Police clash protesters in Copenhagen.

Migrant chaos sparks clashes between police and protestors in Denmark

Clashes over immigration have erupted between police and two opposing protest groups in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, and resulted in the arrests of 11 people, local media reports. The street demonstration by the group “Patriotic...
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