Import and Export to Brazil

Thinking of trading in Brazil? Main facts and how to get started

Investing in Brazil is always a top of mind matter when thinking about Latin America since, over the years, Brazil has emerged as a strong and competitive global player. With a highly diversified economy, a...
WhatsApp in Brazil

Why your European start up should internationalize to Brazil?

If your startup goal is to get funded, remember: When evaluating a venture, potential scalability and power to reach asymmetric markets worldwide are key factors. A product or service with focus on global necessities...

Brazil is wide open to business with post-Brexit Britain

It is a curious piece of sports trivia that the first match ever played by the Brazilian national football team, which took place in my home city of Rio de Janeiro in 1914, was against...
Tax Minister Karsten Lauritzen.

Denmark acquires Panama Papers data – what does it mean?

In 2006-2007, Hervé Falciani took data from inside HSBC’s Swiss subsidiary, showing how HSBC helped wealthy customers dodge tax. Falciani gave the HSBC files to French authorities and they shared them with other countries,...

Expat scheme: how to choose a favourable taxation of employment income

  Expats relocating to Denmark usually face challenges to understand the Danish tax system. The Danish welfare state is, among other things, based on the concept of citizens having equal access to the different services paid for...
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