Lalai Persson is a multi talented entrepreneur from São Paulo who since early 2000 stands among the pioneers of the Brazilian digital market. Throughout her career, Lalai has produced parties, played as DJ and curated music festivals YouPix and Campus Party. In 2016 Lalai spent her time attending music festivals around the world as part of a project assembled by her latest babies – two related blogs about life style and travel. Here’s a quick glance over Lalai’s current projects and thoughts.


When and why did you become interested in social networks?

It was a natural thing. When blogs came out, around 1999, I, who was a fan of “diaries”, ended up joining the wave. Since then I have had blogs. This led me to leave the corporate world and to be invited to work in the largest digital agency (at that time) in Brazil in 2004. It was the very beginning of everything and social networks did not even exist, but it was with Isobar (at that time still AgencyClick) when I started to get involved with digital communities, then Second Life and then social networks as soon as they really arose. In 2007 I started to structure a Social Media area in the agency and in 2008 I was already outside of it opening my own agency, Remix Social Ideas, where I stayed until 2016.

How did Chicken or Pasta come about, what motivated you to create the blog? SP24hs is an unfolding of this project?

Blogs have always been present in my life since they existed, but I always got bored of the themes and ended up creating a new story in a new blog. Chicken or Pasta came up five years ago, when Daniella and I started to get interested in writing about travel. Initially the idea was to “have a travel blog to win some trips” … hahahaha. We called four more friends and created the blog. It started off very unpretentiously, but gradually it got everyone’s attention, projects and, of course, travel! Today it takes up a lot of my day-to-day life and is one of my priorities. We also changed its position a bit so that it was not just a travel blog, but a lifestyle blog. Now we talk about music, art, culture, architecture and, of course, travel. SP24hrs was a project that we had in mind when we created CoP. The idea was to have a project focused on the world and one focused on São Paulo. It took a while to get out it of the paper. We decided to start it as a fanpage on Facebook. When we saw that it really had potential, we created the site. Today the audience is similar to Chicken or Pasta.


Tell me about the music festivals around the world. What were the results and the surprises?

It was delightful. I have always loved music festivals and my vacations have always been planned based on going to festivals around the world. That’s how the idea of spending a year playing music festivals came up. I went through 18 festivals in 13 months. Surprises were many, but I think the festivals that surprised me the most were the Atonal Berlin and Open’er in Poland. Way Out West in Sweden always amazes me with organization line-up and also the food and drink options, The Dekmantel and the Primavera Sound were the festivals where I had the most fun.

What was it like working at Dekmantel in São Paulo?

I took care of the brand activations and it was my first time working on the production of a festival. It was an intense and rewarding experience. I worked three months on one, learned a lot and saw what it’s like to set up a festival of dreams. Bring it on, 2018!


How much is music a part of your life? Are you still producing parties and playing?

Music has been a part of my life, but not like what it was in the past. Today it is a constant soundtrack and also a field of research, since I have also invested my time as curator for events and festivals.


In one of your accounts (Instagram or Facebook, I don’t recall now) you are said to be several people and sometimes they are all in the same place at the same time. How many and which are now with you?

Hahahahaha … although I’m not a millennium, I feel just like one. I’m always involved in more projects than I think I can handle; I’m always doing a thousand things at the same time and planning another thousand. Then there’s centred Lalai, completely unfocused and dreamy Lalai, entrepreneur Lalai. And there’s Lalai who’s always changing her mind. I joke a lot about myself being different, getting interested in so many different subjects and getting involved in completely different projects at the same time. This allows me to absorb characteristics that I do not have and I greatly believe that it enriches my repertoire. The one I am now is the desperate Lalai, who travels in 4 days and has more things to finalize than time available to do them.

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Renato has been a DJ since 1986 and has a degree as broadcaster by the School SENAC. From 2000 to 2010, he worked as a presenter on TV radio web and also as artistic coordinator for the DJ agency Smartbiz, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Besides DJing, he also have compiled soundtracks for fashion shows theater play and collaborations for music magazines and websites.

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