Land Rover coming to Brazil. Why Danes should know about it


Did you know that Land Rover( the English cars now owned by the Indian TATA Motors), is going to Brazil?

That´s right. Land Rover´s executive for Latin America, Flavio Padovan told to the Brazilian business newspaper, Valor Economico, that Land Rover is just defining in which state they are going to install Land Rover´s factory.

There are 4 states competing to have Land Rover. When an investment of this size goes to Brazil, the states tend to provide benefits as tax isentions or other benefits. According to Padovan, the project had to be reviewed over and over given the new automotive regime on going in Brazil today, that oblidges car companies for instance, to develop technology locally, that are not avaiable in Brazil.

The Danish automotive industry might not be so expressive as other Danish industries,but, I´m quite sure that Denmark provides technology and spare parts for cars. As an example B&O provides it´s soundsystem for a major automaker in Europe.


Carlos Monteiro is a Brazilian citizen, graduated in Business Administration by the Catholic University of São Paulo. He lives in Odense, Denmark with his Danish Wife, Cathrine, and their half Danish /Brazilian daughter Ines Marie. You are very welcome to be in contact him at any time.
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