IBM´s Watson is becoming popular in Brazil

Watson’s cognitive computing platform developed by IBM is spreading rapidly in Brazil due to its successful promotion by big companies.

IBM Watson has become an icon of artificial intelligence. (Photo: IBM/ ZD Net)

Brazil is one of the countries where IBM plans to develop its marketing objective – to propagate Watson, its popular cognitive computing platform.

By 2018, IBM intends to present Watson to 1 billion customers all over the world. The aim of this promotion is to show the ways how the platform can aid with managing their business more efficiently.

For instance, they share stories of how the platform helped to their customers in the big companies, as their latest try-out reports on the Al system. Watson can be also used in various areas such as healthcare, finance, legal, retail or even fantasy football.

(Photo: AGFA Healthcare)

Bradesco and SulAmérica promotes Watson

Bradesco, one of the biggest banking and financial services companies in Brazil, has been promoting the technology in the country in 2016 and 2017 and plans to continue further with offering Watson to new potential customers.

According to ZD Net:” The platform, dubbed Bradesco Inteligência Artificial, or BIA, was only used internally until now. It enabled the bank to answer client requests about products and services, with 22,000 queries handled through the system daily. With the added customer-facing functionality, account holders will be able to carry out tasks such as transfers, payments and mobile phone top-ups by interacting with a Watson-powered chatbot.”

SulAmérica, the fourth largest insurance company in Brazil, has been applying Watson platform for improving its digital technology and as ZD Net reports, “is one of IBM’s first Brazilian clients to go live with a pilot of the artificial intelligence platform.”

The experiment revolves around applying Watson and SulAmérica´s connections, mainly its autonomous businessmen.

Cristiano Barbieri, the company’s chief information officer said:” The Watson pilot started earlier this year will continue for the next couple of months and so far, some positive experiences have been learned using the IBM platform”.

Even though ICD study predicts more than 6 % increase in Brazil´s IT industry in 2017, the situation in Brazilian politics and economy may cause a lot of uncertainty for upcoming years.


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