Brasiliensk cyclister i Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian cyclers went out on the streets, this Friday, the 24th of January, to ask for more respect with them. The idea was to...

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StartupBrasil » Entrepreneurs of the world: here’s a great chance to accelerate your business in Brazil


The Brazlian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem still has to  improve alot, bu this is an awesome opportuntity!

Healthcare system in Brazil

INVEST IN BRAZIL: The Brazilian healthcare market

The Brazilian healthcare sector is not only enormous, it is also growing at an accelerated pace. Brazil has overcome a number of recent crises...
Mercosur Flags

Venezuelan Suspension from Mercosur “Not Irreversible”: Uruguay

Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez has agreed to meet with the Venezuelan head of state, Nicolas Maduro, to discuss the suspension of the latter from...

Women representativeness for the Brazilian market

It is crucial to identify the needs of women in Brazil, as they are stronger and more active for the development of the Brazilian...

Brazil Terminal Targets Super-Fast Moves Per Hour

An investment of US$40 million has gone into acquiring 11 new pieces of quay and yard equipment for the terminal, which has also upgraded...
AbFintech inaugurated in Brazil

Brazilian Association of Fintechs inaugurated this week

Fintechs seek to leverage innovative systems (alternative or complementary) to the traditional banking system. With more than 220 fintechs, Brazil explored the options of...

English speaking in Brazil

Eventough the english language is considered a basic tool in the business world, and a pre-requirement to work in most of the companies, only...
The largest group of foreign citizens employed in Denmark worked in the cleaning industry.

Working in Denmark – how challenging is it for a foreigner?

According to the labour market data collector, a total of 336,840 international people worked in Denmark during 2016. These figures are 45% higher than...
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Curitiba, Brazil – cities with best infrastructure

Curitiba is the capital city of Parana State, located 1 hour and 20 minutes from Rio de Janeiro and only 30 minutes from São Paulo by plane. The city of Curitiba is considered one of the best...


Curitiba's Infrastructure in Brazil


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Vinyl making big comeback in Denmark

There’s something about vinyl that just feels better. Whether it’s the uniqueness of an LP player or those grainy but high quality sounds coming out...

Brazil IT spend set to grow in 2017

The Brazilian IT industry is predicted to grow by 3.3 percent and generate revenues of R$76,1 million ($23,4 million) in 2017, according to an...

The Beer market in Brazil and opportunities for Danish breweries

This article is dedicated to talk about the beer market in Brazil, but mainly to the to the premium beers market in Brazil. A quick...
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