Give yourself a chance

Give Yourself a Chance

The World Cup according to Blatter,Roussef and the Brazilian population

During the first week of January the President of Fifa, Joseph Blatter, in reference to the World Cup works in Brazil, affirmed to a...
Brazilian Satellite

Brazilian satellite attempts launch

Brazilian government is expecting that its first own satellite will finally reach space later this week. A month-long general strike in French Guiana meant it...

New Singapore-Denmark partnership to test smart city innovations

What do Singapore and Denmark have in common? Both are prosperous, have small populations, have among the world’s most innovative economies, and are coastal,...
Pound crash may harm EU's economy

Falling sterling is a threat to Denmark

Denmark may not be the first country you would think of when assessing the impact of Brexit, but the Nordic economy is already suffering...
Queen Margrethe II

Queen Margrethe: Denmark’s not a multicultural country’

The queen spoke with Der Spiegel ahead of her weekend trip to attend the reopening of the refurbished Castle Church in Wittenberg, where Martin...

The lighting sector in Brazil in the eyes of Leonardo Arozena, director of Bronzearte

In case you haven't seen Leonardo's interview on the lightin sector in Brazil, you can watch it again here: [youtube] He shares his view on...
Marco Bellocchio

Miranda’s Fênix open for business in Brazil

Source: Screendaily The new Brazilian art cinema distributor has unveiled a slate including films from Marco Bellocchio, Amos Gitai and Gabriel Ripstein. New Brazilian theatrical distributor...

Marcos Galperin: What Is the Future of E-commerce?

The founder of Latin America’s top e-commerce site discusses growth, mobile, and the biggest startup opportunity in Brazil.


The Future of the E-commerce in Brazil

Brazilian Innovator Ronaldo Tenório

Brazilian entrepreneur enters the list of the most innovative young people of MIT with...

Ronaldo Tenório, 30, is one of the 35 most innovative people in the world with less than 35 years, a list released every year...
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Brazilian companies investing abroad

Brazilian companies started 2014 looking for investment opportunities overseas, after a year 2012 nearly without international investments. According to the Brazilian Central Bank, the net...

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Telefonica launches digital signage in Brazil – Brazil Business Today

Brazil Business Today is a news analysis and monitoring service for business leaders and global professionals worldwide who need up-to-the-minute information related to Brazil.


This Man Was Once Brazil’s Richest. He’s Now in Jail on...

A Brazilian oil and mining tycoon has been jailed in Rio de Janeiro after turning himself over to police on corruption charges. Eike Batista,...

Brazil Among Fastest Growth Markets for Online Video

Between 2011 and 2013, Brazil has kept virtually the same number of online video viewers. But viewers are watching more videos and spending more time streaming than before.


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