IT projects to resume in Brazil in 2017

Brazilian organizations will resume IT projects in areas such as digital transformations and security after a period of recession-driven stagnation, according to the yearly...




Latin America's 1st conference on real-world Learning Application is coming to Brazil.

Latin America’s 1st conference on real-world Learning Application is coming to Brazil

PAPIs is an International Conference Series on Predictive Applications and APIs. It features tutorials, demos, as well as business and technical talks at all...
Panama Papers

The Panama Papers implications in Latin America and Central America: one year on 

After Panama Papers broke in April 2016 and rocked the transparency world, unprecedented historical global effects took place and those are expected to continue for...

Music Festivals in the blogging era.

Lalai Persson is a multi talented entrepreneur from São Paulo who since early 2000 stands among the pioneers of the Brazilian digital market. Throughout...




Petrobras asset sales fuel Brazilian M&A revival

Drive down any highway in Brazil and it is impossible to avoid the square green-and-gold signs bearing the initials “BR” that announce Petrobras petrol stations. With 7,500...
Business Strategy

5 Effective Tactics ( I Use) To Do Business in Brazil

The Founder and Facilitator of ‘The Business Bridge’; BIASSA, is me, Carlos Alexandre Alves Monteiro and I am based in Odense, Denmark. I am a...
Brazil lower interest rate

Brazil’s central bank cuts benchmark rate to 12.25%

Brazil’s central bank said on Wednesday that the country’s recession was showing signs of bottoming out and stressed the importance of fiscal reforms as...


Brewing a Latin beer war

Beer giants are fighting for territory on local fronts in the highly lucrative markets of South America


Danish Beers in Brazil