Mobile market in Latin America

Latin American Internet Audience Nears 310 Million

Latin America, as a region, is in the middle of the global pack when it comes to pretty much every metric of internet usage. In terms of total internet users, the region ranks third worldwide, with 309.5 million this year.


BRazil's president Michel Temer

Brazil to open up to foreign buyers

President Michel Temer will propose legislation to lift restrictions on foreign ownership of airlines and agricultural land in Brazil as he strives to pull the economy out of a two-year recession, government sources say. Temer's...
Brazilian shoppers

Brazil Resurfacing From Extended Economic Crisis

Brazil showed off its cultural brilliance, spirit and national pride on a grand stage during the recent Olympic Games in Rio. Despite a prolonged macroeconomic crisis, the world’s ninth largest economy is showing positive signs...
Mobile sales in Brazil

Middle Class Leads Mobile Internet Growth in Brazil

In Brazil, mobile phones are driving the rapid expansion of the internet user base, with over half of the population going online via their phone.


A man counts a bundle of bolivares, the currency of Venezuela, in the city of Pacaraima, where Venezuelans come to buy food and commodities scarce in their country.

Venezuela’s crisis brings economic boom but social tensions to Brazil border town

At first sight, the small Amazonian border community of Pacaraima appears to be doing well amid the humanitarian crisis afflicting Venezuela, transforming itself into a giant grain warehouse, and supplying food – at considerable...

IMF maintains projections for Brazil’s economy and says the country is close to a...

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) left unchanged estimates for economic activity in Brazil this year and next, and stressed that the country seems close to turning the game as  effects of past shocks decline. IMF...
Brazil's sugar cane

Brazil to rethink Thai sugar support challenge

Brazil is weighing whether to drop its actions at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) against Thailand's support for its sugar sector as part of its plan to improve trade strategies in line with the...

Brazil-China fund to begin operations this Thursday

The Brazilian and Chinese governments have launched a joint US$20bn fund for mutually beneficial infrastructure projects in Brazil, which will begin operations this week (June 1st). The announcement was made during the Brazil Investment Forum...

Ensuring that Brazil’s urban mobility projects support sustainable transport

During the last decade, Brazil has witnessed unprecedented federal investment in public and non-motorized transport projects.


Urban mobility and opportunities in Brazil

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