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HSBC profit falls 86% on Brazil disposal

Pre-tax profit at Europe's largest bank dropped to $843m (£678m), down from $6.1bn in the same period a year ago. HSBC took a $1.7bn loss on the sale of its Brazilian unit, and it also...

Brazil to restore huge tract of degraded land in largest pledge of its kind

Brazil has pledged restore an area of degraded land larger than Romania by planting trees and introducing farming methods kinder to the environment - the biggest commitment of its kind ever made by a...
maos dadas brasil e estados unidos

Business in Brazil according to All Abroad Consulting

There is a lot of talk on the right about Brazil's movement to the left. Lots of people are using words like Bolivar, Chavez, Cuba and Morales thus making the inference that Brazil is becoming som...


excellent article Why Brazil shouldnt be compared to Venezuela or Argentina

Digital Buying Isn’t Happening Yet Among Brazil’s Middle Class – eMarketer

Numbering more than 100 million, Brazil's middle class makes up an enormous market with vast potential for online marketers and retailers.


Space for growth in Brazil in the E-commerce.

The president has a chance to pass a reform that will stop Brazil going bust

Reducing Brazil’s pension burden

The faded modernist façades along Copacabana’s beachfront hark back to Brazil’s optimistic past. The seaside promenade, where walking sticks outnumber G-strings, offers a glimpse of its demographic future. A quarter of the inhabitants of...
Brazilian Infrastructure under development

Brazilian Infrastructure: The Good, the Bad, and the Opportunity

By Political economist and Latin America-specialist Samuel George  *This post is an excerpt from an upcoming working paper entitled "Five Steps to Kickstart Brazil" coauthored with Cornelius Fleisc...


Upsides,downsides and opportunities to invest in Brazil and infrastructure

BNDES CEO Says Brazilian Recession ‘is over’

On June 5th Paulo Rebello de Castro, CEO of the National Bank of Economic and Social Development of Brazil (BNDES), claimed that the recession in the country has ended. He made the statement during...

IMF maintains projections for Brazil’s economy and says the country is close to a...

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) left unchanged estimates for economic activity in Brazil this year and next, and stressed that the country seems close to turning the game as  effects of past shocks decline. IMF...

Are we looking at the economic recovery of Brazil?

Brazil is suffering its worst recession since the 1930s, perhaps of all time. And the worst political crisis, triggered the greatest scandals the country has ever seen in its’ history. Mauricio Molan spoke in...

Top Brazil Challenges (Other Than Soybean Prices)

Whoever wins Brazil’s presidential runoff election this Sunday won’t have much good news to deliver on the outlook for the world’s second-largest emerging market.


For every challenge there are 2 opportuites!

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