Brazil is Doomed to Grow

Brazil is experiencing a unique moment in many ways, contradicting what a lot people have been saying... You will probably start this read thinking: “Brazil is a country that does not work, and it won’t...
Solar panels by Solar Energy do Brasil

Over 1 Million Homes to Produce Own Energy by 2024 in Brazil

According to estimates from Brazil’s National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), by 2024, some 1.2 million Brazilian households are expected to adopt the new distributed energy generation system. This system allows consumers to cut costs...
Carbon Pollution

The extraordinary decoupling between economic growth and carbon pollution is happening

Producing more stuff takes more energy. Using more energy means more pollution. That statement would once have seemed like common sense. Because most of our energy has historically come from fossil fuels, rising economic growth...
Train Infrastructure

IBGE Brazilian Statistical and Geographic Instit : maps transportation infrastructure in Brazil

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Club de paris

Brazil joins Paris club of wealthy creditor nations

Brazil is to join the Paris Club of wealthy sovereign creditors, becoming the first large developing economy to enter the group for two decades, as deteriorating global credit conditions spur governments to improve co-ordinated...

Brazil-China fund to begin operations this Thursday

The Brazilian and Chinese governments have launched a joint US$20bn fund for mutually beneficial infrastructure projects in Brazil, which will begin operations this week (June 1st). The announcement was made during the Brazil Investment Forum...

Are we looking at the economic recovery of Brazil?

Brazil is suffering its worst recession since the 1930s, perhaps of all time. And the worst political crisis, triggered the greatest scandals the country has ever seen in its’ history. Mauricio Molan spoke in...

Why Denmark is suffering a branding crisis (and what can be done about it)

In a survey commissioned by DI, 2,500 young people from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and China were asked to identify Danish companies. Only one in seven were able to name a...
A man counts a bundle of bolivares, the currency of Venezuela, in the city of Pacaraima, where Venezuelans come to buy food and commodities scarce in their country.

Venezuela’s crisis brings economic boom but social tensions to Brazil border town

At first sight, the small Amazonian border community of Pacaraima appears to be doing well amid the humanitarian crisis afflicting Venezuela, transforming itself into a giant grain warehouse, and supplying food – at considerable...
Foreign Investment

How foreign investment can help Brazil overcome the crisis

China and India are expected to draw most of it, while Brazil dispute investor interest with the other two members of the group, Russia and South Africa. The resources that fall into this category are...
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