Brazil Approves Import Taxes Reduction On 252 Items : Startup Overseas

Brazil Approves Import Taxes Reduction On 252 Items : Startup Overseas via @sharethis


Great News for Nordic Businesses

President Temer

Brazil’s President Temer Says Reforms Will Continue

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – Two days after one of the largest nationwide strikes Brazil has seen in decades, President Michel Temer, said that the demonstrations seen on Friday are typical of a democracy and...

Why Denmark is suffering a branding crisis (and what can be done about it)

In a survey commissioned by DI, 2,500 young people from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and China were asked to identify Danish companies. Only one in seven were able to name a...

The Brazilian North-East: Brazil’s final frontier?

THERE is more to Brazil than football, carnival and questionable waxing techniques, writes Nynzi Maung.


Brazil's northeast. Opportunities for growth!

New houses built at Praia do Forte, Bahia - Brazil.

Homebuilders regain confidence for new launches in 2017

Brazil's depressed homebuilding market could see the start of an upswing next year as developers regain confidence, Lucas Vargas, chief executive of online classifieds VivaReal, told Reuters. Brazil's worst recession in decades has led to...
Brazil President Michel Temer

Brazil a ‘cornucopia of possibilities’ in spite of political upheaval

Political crisis? Where? Brazil's turbulent 2016 — in which the country played host to a troubled Olympics as corruption scandals swirled around impeached President Dilma Rousseff and her successor, Michel Temer — would normally be...

Amid Trump selloff, Brazil turnaround story outshines Mexico

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's surprise victory could be a blessing in disguise for Brazil as the country's agenda of fiscal reform and low reliance on trade lure investors away from more vulnerable Mexican markets. Emerging...
Solar panels by Solar Energy do Brasil

Over 1 Million Homes to Produce Own Energy by 2024 in Brazil

According to estimates from Brazil’s National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), by 2024, some 1.2 million Brazilian households are expected to adopt the new distributed energy generation system. This system allows consumers to cut costs...
Magdalena Andersson

A Reverse-Trump Tax Plan Delivers an Economic Miracle in Sweden

High taxes, strong unions and an equal distribution of wealth. That’s the recipe for success in a globalized world, according to Magdalena Andersson, the Social Democratic economist who’s also Sweden’s finance minister. The 50-year-old has been...

Brazil passes Anti-Bribery Bill: key aspects for companies | Lexology

Brazil has passed a new Anti-Bribery Bill, which imposes civil and administrative liability on companies found to have engaged in corrupt practices while transacting business in Brazil or with Brazilian entities. The law will go into effect early in 2014. Companies should be aware of the Bill, and in particular, some of the following aspects of the Bill:

The law applies to bribery of Brazilian officials and foreign public officials. As a result, it applies not only to Brazilian companies doing business with foreign entities, but also to non-Brazilian companies, with a subsidiary, branch, office, or representative in Brazil. Companies can be liable for the acts of their officers, directors, employees, or agents through respondent superior, and in certain circumstances, may be strictly liable for their agents’ actions. The law provides a credit against sanctions for companies that have instituted compliance programs. Cooperation and self-reporting are also rewarded through reductions in the sanctions available against companies. It is expected that the Brazilian government will produce more detailed guidelines on the key components of compliance programs, and the exact meaning of ‘cooperation’ in the near future. Fines available under the law can reach as high as twenty percent of the company’s gross revenue from the year prior. If that amount cannot be calculated, fines can reach up to R$60 million (approximately US$26 million). Sanctions may also include suspension of the company’s activities and even dissolution of the legal entity. …


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