An outstanding year for wind and solar energies in Brazil.

The year 2017 was a memorable year for renewables. Its percentage of participation in the Brazilian Energy Matrix was 43.5% in 2016, better than in the previous year of 41.3%. And the best result...
Smart Cities & Infrastructure

How will Smart Infrastructure help Brazil overcome the crisis?

 Brazil is going through a delicate phase in its political and economic development after a considerably long period of improvement and growth. A tight presidential election and a few corruption scandals in 2014 put...

Danish government seeks labour market reform to boost jobs

    Denmark's right-leaning government is seeking to create jobs through pension reforms and tax cuts to entice people to work more, but it might prove difficult to persuade the powerful ally Danish People's Party (DF)...
Fintech meeting

Brazil’s tech-sector bright spots beckon as it begins to emerge from long economic crisis

Brazil showed off its cultural brilliance, spirit and national pride on a grand stage during the recent Olympic Games in Rio. Despite a prolonged macroeconomic crisis, the world’s ninth largest economy is showing positive...

Arab Gulf States to expand economic ties with commodity-rich Latin America

Arab Gulf states are taking steps to expand economic ties with Latin America, a major exporter of food and commodities, but a dearth of free trade agreements between the two regions and onerous bureaucratic...
Rema 1000

Discount supermarkets disappearing in Denmark

Discount supermarkets, once a mainstay of the Danish shopping arena, are beginning to fade from the scene. As consumers increasingly choose quality over price, large chains are shutting down discount stores. The numbers have dropped...

Brazil: the new insurance giant in Latin America

A low insurance penetration rate, large market and growing middle class bring new opportunities for insurers investing in the Brazilian market. The development of information and communication technology in the country is also brightening...

BNDES CEO Says Brazilian Recession ‘is over’

On June 5th Paulo Rebello de Castro, CEO of the National Bank of Economic and Social Development of Brazil (BNDES), claimed that the recession in the country has ended. He made the statement during...

Brazil: How To Kick Start Growth in 5 Charts

Just released: 5 Steps to Kickstart Growth #Brazil #LATAM


5 steps for Brazilian Growth

Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and Computer script

Denmark emerging as a leader in software development

Denmark is slowly emerging as a European leader in the development of new software, according to the confederation of Danish industry, Dansk Industri. The country continues to attract companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Uber Software Development,...
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