Brazil is still is one of the countries most sought to invest


Brazil comes in 4th place, just behind China, USA and Germany amongst the markets that global executives consider as most relevant to expand their businesses.



According to Assis Moreira, a Brazilian correspondent for Valor Economico, PWC published a survey, that was shown a few hours before the World Economic Forum opening, and this survey showed the executive expectations in relation to the global economy for the year of 2014: It has increased by 44% the number of executives in which believe that the global economy will improve in 2014. In 2013, this number was much lower, 18%. For this survey, PWC interviewd 1344 executives from 68 countries.

In relation to Brazil the optmism has dropped slighlty in comparison to 2013, but Brazil is still sought as one of the most important destination for the expansion of global businesses. At the beggining of 2013, Brazil was the third country of the list, with 15% of the executives mentioning the country as the third most sought market for global expansion. Today, this expectation has dropped to 12%. On the other hand, the optmism towards expanding or doing more business in Germany has gone up 5 points (17%), the USA has gone up 7 points(30%) and China has gone up 5 points (33%), in comparison to 2013

When businessmen were asked from which country would they were most confident to have a better return on their investments within the next 12 months, 48% said China. In 2013 this number was around 40%.

The report also showed that the BRICS won’t likely have the same growth standard over the next few years. Last but not least important,according to Dennis Nally, the reasons why Brazil has seen a drop in its popularity is due to the complexity of paying taxes in the country. He also added that he would ask personally the Brazilian President, which would be the two or three actions she would take in order to improve the Brazilian competitiveness and the ease of doing business in Brazil.



Carlos Monteiro is a Brazilian citizen, graduated in Business Administration by the Catholic University of São Paulo. He lives in Odense, Denmark with his Danish Wife, Cathrine, and their half Danish /Brazilian daughter Ines Marie. You are very welcome to be in contact him at any time.
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