Battery factory in Malmö could provide jobs for Denmark

A Swedish company is planning to open a large battery factory and Malmö is one of the locations in the spotlight.

Battery company
The new factory might well look like this (Artist’s impression: Northvolt – Sweco, photo: CPH Post)

Northvolt, one of the largest battery manufacturers in Europe, is planning to open a large new factory and Malmö might well be the lucky recipient.

The factory is expected to occupy an area of 50 hectares and create an estimated 2,500 jobs, News Øresund reports. The cost is estimated at 4 billion euros and the factory will take around six years to build.

Former Tesla boss Peter Carlsson is one of the founders of the company, together with Paolo Cerruti, Carl-Erik Lagercrantz and the venture capitalist Harald Mix.

International talent important
The factory will produce lithium-ion batteries that are a step on the way towards a fossil fuel-free society.

The company has indicated that proximity to an international airport, harbour and university would play a significant role in determining the factory’s location.

It is also seen as a big plus to have a town that attracts international talent, as Malmö does. That could mean jobs for Danes who are able to commute across the bridge.

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