Unlocking Brazil’s e-commerce potential

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016 | Business & Economy

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Video of the Week

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I was recently in Brazil and had an opportunity to talk to the great “maestro”, Jens Olesen.

I Call him Maestro, as his story is incredible, and he has been one of the most influent characters when fostering and supporting the growth of Danish companies in Brazil.

Jens was the Vice President of McCann, a huge communication conglomerate for several years, and today he holds the chair as President of the Danish Brazilian Chamber of Commerce among other important positions.

Jens gives a brief presentation of himself, some of his achievements, and what were, according to his opinion, the factors that led him to have such a huge success when working and developing Mccann in Brazil.

Jens also points out that most successful Danish companies in Brazil, are no longer managed by Danes, but by Brazilians. Furthermore Jens will also comment on the importance of having a network when doing Business in Brazil, and some of the reasons why Danish companies fail.

I could keep on and on, but I prefer you to watch this awesome interview, which I have managed to get from Jens Olesen.


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